Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer fun

We took a break from rehearsing for our September 8th concert last week and held our annual choir picnic at Golden Gardens. We had a little more sun than last year and the temperature was a bit warmer but it was still brisk at the beach. Chris B. served as grillmaster providing hot dogs for all and members brought salads, fruit and yummy desserts. Gordon brought his ukelele and strummed out a few tunes for us. Chris V. and Brandon sang in Italian. Penelope, Rosalyn and Mariah got some rounds going. Meghan brought her darling kids. It was a lovely time. And now back to rehearsals!

More pictures on Flickr!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Free English Choral Concert!

Free choral concert this weekend! We're getting up a group. Why don't you join us?

The Choir of Christ's College of Cambridge is performing Saturday at 8 pm at Seattle First Baptist Church. Great opportunity to hear English choral music properly done. Details here.