Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New season, great new music!

We had a great first rehearsal of the season last night, dipping our toes into some of the fantastic music that we'll be singing for our concert in May. The theme of the concert will be music for change, music that took a stand for some political or social cause. Sound dry? SO not true. I was choking back tears during more than one first reading of a piece last night. Of course, as an opera lover, the highlight of the evening for me was getting to work on Va Pensiero from Verdi's Nabucco, an anthem for unification of Italy when it was first written and performed. Check out this video from the Rome Opera recorded this fall to see what is means to modern Italians. Not a dry eye in the house!

Thanks to Roger in the tenor section for first posting the video on our Facebook page. Unless your Italian is really good, be sure to click on the CC button at the bottom of the player for the English translations!

Monday, January 2, 2012


The Market Street Singers are extremely proud to announce...


This is one of the most prestigious grants award by local government, even more so than the Department of Neighborhoods grant that we received while producing the Shilshole on the Pacific Rim concert in 2006. We don't yet know what level of support we will receive (we'll be told in January) and that may not be a huge sum, but just being selected is no small honor as it represents a meaningful endorsement by the city and our peers (a team of people who are very much in the know about music and choirs in Seattle). It also looks great to future possible grantors. Here are key portions from the city's very complimentary awards letter:

"On behalf of the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, we are pleased to notify you that based on the score you received in our peer panel review process and current budget projections, your organization is set to receive Civic Partner funding in 2012.

Congratulations! Your organization has passed rigorous review for public impact, quality and capacity by an independent peer panel of professionals with wide knowledge of the cultural sector. The city is proud to invest in your programs and services, knowing that your work is central to the vibrancy and quality of life in Seattle.

For planning purposes, you may count on Civic Partner support from the city in 2012 and are welcome to use our commitment in approaching other funders. Funding amounts are contingent on the city budget so as always, the Seattle Arts Commission, our citizen advisors and advocates, will count on your continued support in communicating the impact of these funds."

Huge thanks and kudos to everyone who worked on the grant application, especially Lucinda!